Friday, April 17, 2015

Belzhar-Inspired Look

Happy Friday!  Can I get three cheers on that one?!

Today I'm bringing you a look inspired by the book Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer.  I absolutely loved this book (especially the twist at the end!) and am excited to create a look for it today.

Since the book is set at a camp-like boarding school, I designed an outfit that I could see campers wearing when they want to look nice.  Because of the "magic" of Jam's English journal, she is able to see her deceased boyfriend in dream-like states.  So she's definitely going to want to look her best for him. 

Here's what I designed:

So cute!

  • I think high-waisted shorts are so cute for camp settings.  They just have that vintage, "let's go drive around the country in our camper" vibe.  
  • I paired the shorts with a floral tank top and cardigan.  Camps usually mean you'll be hot or cold (or both) so that's all covered here.  Again, I picked something that Jam would feel pretty in for her boyfriend.
  • Keds are the perfect shoe to go with high-waisted shorts.  And who wouldn't want mint green Keds?!
  • A gold monogram necklace (I used "R" here for Jam's deceased boyfriend, Reeve) adds a final feminine touch.
What do you think?  Would you wear this if you were at a camp/school?
 For the details of each piece, click here.

Two more reviews/outfits next week!  See you then!

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