Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Despicable Three, Ransom!

Yesterday our oldest, Ransom, turned three--or as we like to call it, the "Despicable Three."  But not because we're dreading it!  Because we think Ransom and his brother Cedar make the cutest minions around!  So we had a minion fiesta with our family and it was the BEST birthday party for our boys yet.  I say best because the weather was perfect, Ransom was old enough to be excited about it, and we had the party at my sister Lauren's house (which has more space and kept me from cleaning like a maniac!).  

I thought I'd post some photos for you to share in the cute-ness of the day!
Our neighbor bought both boys minion shirts and hats and Ransom wore his with pride!

Don't the boys look so cute together?!

The boys and their cousin, Heidi, made minion footprint art!  It was so easy--yellow/blue footprint with googly eye(s) and sharpie-added hair, arms, and goggles.

We told Ransom to hold up his presents for the photo--he took us literally!

Isn't this cake A-MAZING?!  My friend Kristen made it for me and it tasted JUST AS GOOD as it looked!  Definitely the centerpiece of the table!

We limited the decor (because why spend tons of $$?!) but this minion balloon was a-dorable!

Heidi loved the balloons, too!

Happy birthday to our chatty (and I mean CHATTY!), sensitive, imaginative, musical Ransom.  We love you, buddy!  And as the minions would say--asoibusfjbvsaofijsaefinaeroiehj *Rasperry*

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