Saturday, July 5, 2014

45 Pounds (More or Less)-Inspired Outfit

Hey, readers and fashionistas!  Earlier this week I reviewed 45 Pounds (More or Less), which chronicled Ann's desperate attempt to lose about 45 pounds before her aunt's wedding.  I didn't want to design a how-to-lose-weight outfit since diets can be too trendy and dangerous, but I did have another fashion idea.  So this post is going to show you some ideas for showing off your best body assets (modestly!)--arms, waist, or legs.  Your clothes really do determine what body parts you're accentuating, so if you'd rather show off your legs than your arms, use a few tricks to get the focus lower.

So here we go!

Showing off your arms:
Cap sleeves!

Cap sleeves cover just to the edge of the shoulders and show off your arms all the way down.  A great option for dresses or blouses, especially if you've been working out those triceps and biceps!

Showing off your waist:

First, belts.  Whether an outfit comes with a belt or you add a brightly-colored belt to an outfit, this accessory cinches right at the waist.  If your waist is the tiniest part of your torso, you'll want a belt to show it off.  Second, peplum tops.  These are all the rage right now and flare right at the waist.  Great with jeans or a pencil skirt underneath!

Showing off your legs:

You've got all kinds of options here.  Shorts with a blazer really shows off the legs (especially if you have patterned shorts).  The longer sleeves on top attract the attention to the legs.  You'll want to stick with skinny pants/jeans since they obviously slim your look.  And nude pumps always make your legs look longer!

So remember--you don't always have to lose weight to look/feel better.  You can just dress with a few tips to accentuate your strengths.

I'm an arms/shoulder kind of girl...what about you?

*All images found via Polyvore.  I am not associated with any items/companies represented.

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