Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Beginning of Everything-Inspired Outfit

Ok, if you read my post yesterday about The Beginning of Everything and didn't go out and buy it/check it out at the library, go do that right now.  Don't worry, I'll wait.  Go ahead.

Ok, now that that is done, let's move on with Robyn Schneider Week!  Today's outfit is inspired by Ezra, the protagonist of the book.  Poor Ezra goes from being the most envied guy in school to the guy trying to figure out his identity.  And in the midst of his search, he joins a debate team.

We never had a debate team at my high school, so the concept has always intrigued and terrified me.  So you go into a debate as prepared as you can be but may not have anything to say back to your opponent?!  Scary!  Probably why I'm not a lawyer...

But Ezra joins the debate team with some of his new-found friends and competes in a full-day, multiple-debate competition.  And that competition is the inspiration for this outfit.  I wanted something trendy (after all, Ezra was at one time a popular student) and dressy but something with a relaxed feel as well (since Ezra isn't debate team-obsessed).  And here's what I designed:

Hey, I'd be happy if my hubby wore this outfit!

Let's detail it:
  • I think baby blue is the most handsome color on a man, so I k new that I wanted that to be the driving force in the outfit.  I paired the baby blue dress shirt with a deep gray cardigan.  Cardigans are still dressy but a bit more casual than a blazer.
  • Light gray pants are sleek next to the baby blue/dark gray cardigan on top.
  • Aren't these light gray shoes great?  Again, dressy in a casual way.
  • The deep blue bow tie is a fun trend, and I think guys in bow ties get noticed quickly.  Wearing a bow tie would have been on Ezra's side as he went into his first competition.
  • Love this black/silver watch!  It's a simple statement accessory and complements the outfit well.
Obviously this isn't the outfit Ezra wears in the novel, but I think it'd be one he could definitely carry off!  And I would expect to see Toby in a bow tie, too--he would rock that accessory!

Interested in this outfit?  Find all the details here.

Tomorrow I'll post my interview with Robyn Schneider about beauty products and her new book, Extraordinary Means!  You'll definitely want to check that out!

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