Friday, June 19, 2015

Extraordinary Means-Inspired Outfit

Hey, readers and fashionistas!

Have you picked up Extraordinary Means yet?  Go. get. it.  I reviewed it yesterday and it was such a great read.

When I was thinking about fashion inspiration from this book, I couldn't focus on just one character.  Lane, Sadie, Nick, Marina, and Charlie are such a solid group that I knew I had to focus on all of them.  And that led me to pajamas.

In the book, the group decides to go to a movie night at the school's gym.  But while every other student dresses in pajamas (as the tradition goes), Lane and Sadie's group wear fancy dresses and suits so that they stand out and have a night to remember.  So we never get to see them wear their pajamas together, and I would imagine that their pajamas would have major character.

So today I picked five t-shirts that I think these five characters would use as pajama shirts.  None of the characters would be fancy in their pj choices, but I do think they would want to make a statement.  And here are my choices:

Here's how I chose the T-shirts:
  • Nick would be wearing the "World's Greatest DAD!" shirt because he would find it hilarious.  He'd want everyone asking him if he was really a dad (and the underlying assumption that he had gotten a girl pregnant).  
  • Sadie would wear the Mrs. Peacock tee.  She and Lane have an ongoing Clue joke, and this would show him that she wanted that joke to continue.
  • Marina would wear the Slytherin shirt.  She loves Harry Potter, and let's be honest--Slytherin has a major cool factor--it's dangerous and risky.
  • Lane, of course, would wear the Stanford shirt.  Maybe at first because he didn't want to forget about his goals, and later because he wanted to remember that he had more to his life.
  • Charlie would wear an Oregon Trail T-shirt.  Because he knows the severity of his illness, he would find humor in wearing a shirt from another past illness.  Who knows, maybe he would use the statement "You have died of dysentery" as a lyric for a song?!
So what do you think?!  Can't you see these characters proudly wearing these shirts into the gym?
This was one of my favorite fashion posts because I can totally see it.  And I really want the Mrs. Peacock shirt now!

Like any of these shirts?  Check out all the details here.

Thanks so much for checking out my Robyn Schneider Week posts!  What a fun week it has been!  Can't wait to see more books from Robyn down the road!

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