Friday, June 12, 2015

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea-Inspired Outfit

Hey, readers and fashionistas!  A few weeks ago I reviewed Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke.  It was a creepy, mysterious supernatural that I absolutely loved!  And today's outfit is inspired by Violet and her growing relationship with the strange new guy in town, River.

One thing I loved about this book was Violet and River's date nights.  They were a bit more mature than the typical date-outdoor vintage movies in the town square, picnics with bread and cheese, elaborate cooking, etc.  And even though Violet and River's relationship is skeptical at best, their dates are swoon worthy.  They even dress in vintage costumes that they find in Violet's basement--a true trip down antique lane!  So that's what I was thinking about for Violet's outfit--a vintage take on a date night outfit.  And here it is:

Doesn't it take you back a few years?!  I love this for a date night.  So let's get into the details:

  • The white lace top and knee-length printed skirt have a 1940s vibe.  They are sweet and respectable pieces while obviously very feminine.
  • Look at those shoes!  Adorable, and I love pairing a darker skirt with light shoes.
  • The light blue belt connects with the shoes and brings together the top and skirt as one cohesive piece.
  • The pearl stud earrings and thin silver watch are vintage-inspired.  Simple, elegant, and reminiscent of times gone by.
So what do you think?  Someone wearing this (especially a teenager!) gives off a more respectable air and that they care about the date.  Better than jeans and a hoodie, right?

I could see Violet wearing this as she and River go off to try a pizzeria and then read poetry in the park.  Couldn't you?

Want the specifics of this outfit?  Check them out here.

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