Friday, May 16, 2014

A Touch of Himmeli

Whew!  It's Friday!  It's been a cold, rainy week here in Indiana but the weekend is finally here!  Looking forward to having fun with the family for the next few days!

I have become obsessed lately with himmeli designs...yeah, the term "himmeli" was new to me, too.  It's basically a European tradition of using straw to create mobiles.  But it's been adapted to make all kinds of cool decor pieces.  I first heard about it through Vintage Revivals, one of my all-time favorite home decor blogs.  Meeting Mandi is totally on my bucket list!  

Mandi recently posted a himmeli heart that she made for a room makeover (I think someone guest-blogged it on her site), and I thought it was a really unique design.  So I made one--probably going to use it on a school bulletin board. 

So I decided to take it a step further and make something for my home.  And that's when I found her video tutorial on a himmeli wreath.  And I totally fell in love!

It is amazing!

And all you need to make this AWESOME wreath is floral wire and cocktail straws (oh, and spray paint if you're like me and want to jazz it up a bit!).  That's it!  For about $4, you add the neatest artwork in your house.  And you'd never guess the wreath was made out of straws (especially if you paint it a metallic color) totally looks like iron/steel/metal.

You can get cocktail straws from the picnic section at Target.

Mandi implies that the project will take you about an, it took me about 2 days.  But I had to re-do quite a few steps since I'm not the best at visual learning.

And make sure your floral wire isn't too thick--you want something easily pliable that can be bent multiple times.

Here's how mine came out:

Isn't it awesome?  Doesn't look like straws, huh?  I love the look of it with the navy door.

A close-up of the straws/wire.

You should totally try this out for your home!  And then comment below with a photo so I can see it!
And check out Mandi over at Vintage Revivals--I've put string art and hand art in my home based off her designs!

Check back here on Monday for more books, more outfits, and maybe some more design!

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