Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rapture Practice-Inspired Outfit

Hey, readers and fashionistas!

Yesterday I reviewed Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler, a book that had me laughing, gasping, and sighing in frustration.  Seriously, friends--such a good book!

So in designing an outfit based off the book, I thought it would be fitting (no pun intended!) to design a conservative outfit that still looked chic.  Aaron's mother dressed very conservatively (and only wore skirts/dresses), so I wanted to design a current, updated look that hopefully even she would approve.

So here it is:

Think it would get Aaron's family's approval?

I'll break it down:
  • Maxi skirts are ALL the rage for about the second year in a row.  You're going to especially see them everywhere with the spring and summer seasons approaching.  This skirt has a trendy chevron design, and what could be more classic than black and white?  This skirt could be paired with just about anything.
  • Denim shirts are also really big right now (and also go with just about anything), so I paired this with the skirt and tucked it in for a cleaner look.
  • I added the necklace to give a POP on the top of the outfit.
  • Gladiator sandals are cute but not over-the-top.
  • OPI's Bubble Bath nail polish is soft, gentle, and feminine.  I didn't think Aaron's mother would go for a bright teal or yellow polish!  
So what do you think?  Would you wear this outfit?  Do you see someone who is very conservative wearing it?

Tomorrow I'll be back to share another outfit from my own wardrobe.  See you then!

Skirt--Boohoo Mysha
Sandals--Nine West
Nail Polish--OPI "Bubble Bath"

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