Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Step at a Time-Inspired Outfit

Good afternoon, readers and fashionistas!

Yesterday I reviewed One Step at a Time by Josh Bleill, a memoir of Bleill's service in the Marines and the heartbreaking yet inspirational story of him losing his legs.  So today's outfit is very military-inspired.  But here's a disclaimer: I don't know much about the Marines, so this isn't an outfit to be taken so literally.  It's just an outfit that makes me think of military hues and lines.  Here it is:

Let's break it down:
  • The blazer is that typical military olive color, and I love the way the waist is cinched.  Very clean and classy-looking!
  • I paired the blazer with a goldish-tan tank, another typical military color.
  • Boyfriend jeans are a bit relaxed and (as the name suggests) guy-inspired.  Now I don't necessarily think that the military is relaxed, but it is obviously male-dominated.
  • The necklace has straight lines and reminds me of military medals. 
  • The tan flats match the colors of the outfit and keep the outfit a little more sensible.
So what do you think?  Could you see yourself wearing something like this?  Is your wardrobe military-inspired?

Tank--Uma Wang
Jeans--J Brand
Necklace--Daily Look
Flats-- Tory Burch

*I am not associated with any companies or products mentioned. 

I'll be back tomorrow with my own Outfit of the Day--see you then!

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