Thursday, July 2, 2015

Red Queen-Inspired Nail

A few days ago I reviewed Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, a really unique fantasy book with some dystopian twists.  Mare, the protagonist, is a Red Blood, meaning she is a normal girl living in the poor, struggling part of the country.  But it's discovered that she has powers, just like the rich Silver Bloods.  So the book raises some good discussions, like if we should only rely on one part of ourselves to define us.

So today's beauty inspiration from the book is coming through a nail look.  This was a fun one to create!  And it all comes from this thought--that even though Mare is a Red Blood, she has a little Silver in her.  And even though we may be defined in one way, we are multi-faceted.  We can't be defined in one category.

Before we get started, PLEASE tell me that you have used Butter London nail polish.  Oh my goodness, Butter London is just as its name suggests--it goes on like butter.  Easy to apply, light, and smooth.

For this look, I used two Butter London colors--Her Majesty's Red (shiny red) and Diamond Geezer (bright silver).  GORGEOUS colors.

First, I applied Her Majesty's Red on my nails.  This is two coats.

Then I used my handy tool--a toothpick!  Toothpicks work well when drawing.

I lightly drew a heart on my ring finger using the toothpick.  Look at the shininess of that silver!

This look could easily be reversed, though.  Just paint your ring finger silver.

And add a red heart on top of the silver.

Which heart/color combination do you prefer?  And how do you define yourself?  I'm a wife, mom, librarian, fashion-lover, home designer, foodie...what about you?

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