Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Saints-Inspired Outfit

A few weeks ago I reviewed The Saints by Lex Thomas, a crazy, unexpected, even disgusting dystopian book about a group of teens stuck inside a school.  And I loved it!  So today's outfit is completely inspired by one group of students who distinguish themselves by the color blue (I featured another group in this post from the first book in this series, The Loners).

I had a lot of fun designing this outfit--I LOVE the color blue (I have a bright blue velvet sofa in our living room!) and love that I can wear so much of it with jeans.  The blue clique, the Freaks, are artsy and ok with being weird, so I knew I could layer on blue for this look.

Here's the look I designed:

Here's what I love about this look--blue is the obvious inspiration for the outfit, but it's not overwhelming.
Let me break it down:
  • I LOVE wearing chambray/denim shirts with dark jeans.  Half of my outfits right now do this.  You can add whatever you want on top and it looks like a whole new outfit.  Love.
  • I really love this fun striped heart sweater.  Your eye immediately goes to the blue heart, so the gray stripes remind me of a blank canvas that I could totally see the characters in the book drawing on.
  • Sky blue shoes and blue stud earrings give that extra blue pop and show off the various degrees of blue that you can have.
I totally love this outfit!  I would rock it as a casual or even a date night look.  Would you wear it?

Want to see all the details of this outfit?  Check it out here!

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