Monday, March 9, 2015

Panic-Inspired Outfit

Happy Monday, all!  Anyone else as tired as I am with Daylight Savings Time?  Man, this morning wore. me. out.  But after a super fun day with my students (we made paper cranes today to celebrate peace and diversity!) I'm bringing you an outfit inspired by Panic by Lauren Oliver--loved that book!

In Panic, teens have to face some pretty major challenges--the terrifying, daring, and unusual.  Most of their challenges are physical, so having an outfit fit for movement is key.  For one of our main characters, Heather, I designed this outfit:

Here's how I chose this look:
  • We have the basics for any kind of exercise/working out.  The workout cropped pants, t-shirt, and jacket.  I chose black and gray in case a challenge caused the teen to need to be as "invisible" as possible.
  • I love this graphic gray tee.  The finger point gives off the message of "Hey, I'm coming for you and going to win this game!"  And in the game of Panic, the teens need every amount of courage they can muster.
  • The pink shoes and watch are again staples for a fitness challenge.  I chose deep pink in case the teen would want to be seen in some way, as a safety precaution.
So what do you think?  I would TOTALLY wear this outfit when working out or doing a physical challenge.  Would you?

Another review coming soon in one of the most disgusting, surprising series I have ever read!

Want to see more of this outfit?  Check out the details here!  

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