Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Loners-Inspired Outfit

Hi, readers and fashionistas!

I recently reviewed the book The Loners from the Quarantine series by Lex Thomas (which is two guys, by the way--Lex and Thomas).  I gave it 5 high heels because I loved every minute of reading it (even when I was horrified and closing my eyes!).  So today's outfit is inspired by that book...let's jump into it!

In the book, the teens stuck inside their high school divide into different groups based on their cliques.  You've got the jocks (called Varsity), the geeks, the sluts, the artsy, etc.  And they wear different colors to identify their specific clique.  Today's outfit focuses on Varsity's girlfriends--the preppy girls.  They still try to look as stylish as possible and they are basically at Varsity's beck and call.  Not the nicest girls on the block (as the stereotype of preppy girls would suggest), and they can turn downright violent when they need to.  Trust me on that--you'll have to read the book to see how violent they get!

The preppy girls wear yellow, so that's obviously the inspiration for the outfit.  How do you focus on a single color in your outfit without it being overbearing?  Here's what I came up with:

I can totally see a preppy girl wearing this in The Loners, so let me explain why:
  • Obviously the skinny pants emphasize the main color of the outfit--yellow.  Skinny pants are all the rage right now, so a popular girl would choose those over a boot cut.
  • A white lacy blouse gives off a feminine touch.
  • The daisy necklace is also a soft touch to the outfit while still adding yellow touches.  And even though these girls are definitely not the sweetest or softest, they often give the illusion of being so.
  • Gold gladiator sandals and yellow stacked bracelets accent the outfit well without giving off a yellow explosion.
So what do you think?  Would you wear this?  Think it fits the girls in The Loners? How would you design an outfit around the color yellow?

Pants--House of Fraser
Blouse--Rag and Bone 
Sandals--Sam Edelman
Bracelets--Chan Luu 

*I am not associated with any companies/products mentioned. 

Check back tomorrow for another review--on a book that I surprisingly enjoyed!

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