Thursday, January 8, 2015

To Be Perfectly Honest-Inspired Outfit

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Wow, it is C-O-L-D here in Indiana!  Like FREEZING cold!

So let's warm things up with an outfit post, shall we?  Back in December I posted a review of Sonya Sones' book To Be Perfectly Honest. It follows Colette, a teen whose mom is a celebrity and who just wants to live her own life.  So in other words, their relationship is a little rocky.

When I decided to design an outfit after Colette, I kept thinking about the two sides to her.  The side that has to smile and be a celebrity's daughter, and the side that hates her mother's decisions.  So a behaved girl with a little rebellious streak.  So with that inspiration, I decided on a floral outfit with a little edge.  And here's what I created:

A little girly, a little edgy.  

Let's discuss!
  • The dress is a simple yet cute floral sundress.  To Be Perfectly Honest is set during the summer, so I could definitely see Colette wear this dress when she leaves their hotel home-away-from-home.
  • But instead of wearing cute sandals or heels, I think Colette would throw on some Converse, just to make her mother mad.
  • Multiple layers of bracelets always seem edgy to me.  They seem to have that "I don't care that I'm wearing too many bracelets--I like them all!" attitude.  So I put bracelets on both arms, one being a layered look.
  • Colette isn't Gothic, so I didn't want to be so edgy that I made her wear all black.  So I threw in some deep burgundy nail polish.
What do you think?  Could you see Colette, a rebellious teenager, wearing something like this?

Dress--House of Fraser
Shoes--Pac Sun
Layered Bracelets--One Kings Lane
Nail Polish--OPI "Just Beclaws"

Tomorrow I'll be reviewing a historical fiction book--check back to see what I thought!

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