Friday, September 19, 2014

Decorating the Library: Divergent-Themed Blocks

I love decorating the library with more contemporary book art (as I recently discussed when I showed off some Harry Potter posters).  So I was excited when I found Risa Rodil's fandom artwork.  She takes character names, quotes, and titles and turns them into such clever designs.

My students took a few of her Divergent designs and made larger images of them so that we could decorate a cement block post.  *Since we're using this for fun, personal use and not for sales, copyright is being followed here.  This has made the post colorful and more teen-appealing, and in my opinion it's just a lot more fun.  Check out a few of our favorites:

 One of my favorite designs because the books were so intricate.

 Tobias's design is really clever, too.  

 Tris's bird tattoos...what would your tattoo be?

 Poor Edward.  Kind of glad they left this scene out of the movie.

 And poor Albert.  Poor, poor Albert.

 Marcus and his infamous belt.  Jerk.

 Is it school-appropriate to put a gun on the wall?  Oh, well.  Poor Will.  And poor Tris.
I loved this design.  So sharp.

Have you decorated with Divergent in your library?  How is your library stylin'?

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