Friday, December 4, 2015

Rebel Belle-Inspired Look

Yesterday I reviewed Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins, a funny yet exciting fantasy book about pretty girl Harper Price getting unexpected (and unwanted) supernatural powers.  The book opens on Homecoming night, when Harper is 99% sure she is going to be crowned queen.  Before all hell breaks loose, of course.

So today's outfit inspiration comes from that Homecoming night.  Harper says she is wearing a pink dress and pearls, so that is where I started with the look.

It's a lovely outfit, and those heels could definitely do some damage (and boy do they!).
  • The light pink dress is lovely.  Feminine, elegant--just like Harper.
  • Harper's bare neckline is dressed up by this chunky pearl necklace.  A trendy style for a classic jewelry piece.  The earrings are small and therefore don't take away from the jewelry.
  • The silver shoes are SO beautiful!  The heels are high but not overwhelming and the color is a lovely correlation to the pink dress.
  • The silver clutch is dainty and sweet.  Just like a southern woman would be, right?
I think this outfit is so sweet--do you think Harper would wear it to Homecoming?

Want to see each piece of the outfit?  See all the details here.

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