Monday, November 3, 2014

A Peter Pan Halloween and An Outfit

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you had a fun and treat-filled Halloween!  It was FREEZING in our neck of the woods, so only my big guy got to participate in the door-to-door trick or treating, and that was pretty limited.  Nevertheless, the boys looked adorable in their Peter Pan-inspired costumes!  My big guy was Captain Hook and the little one was the crocodile (or as my older son called him, Tick Tock Croc!)

Eeek!  So cute!

Today I'm sharing the outfit I designed for the graphic novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, a cute story of a battle between the geeks and the cheerleaders.  I decided to take inspiration from the cheerleaders and show a glam yet casual look for school.  And here it is:

A casual outfit for the school day that still shows off someone's cheerleader status.  Let's jump into it:
  • Cuffed jeans are pretty popular right now, and a cheerleader is always on top of the styles, right?!
  • This Bayside Cheerleading t-shirt was too fun to pass up.  It pays homage to "Saved by the Bell" and reminds us all of the loveable Kelly Kapowski.  A cheerleader would love this t-shirt.
  • Glitter silver shoes dress up the outfit, and it's no surprise to find a cheerleader wearing glitter.  This gives the look some sophistication and is a good substitute for glitter eyeshadow.
  • Cheerleaders always wear bows, but this outfit adds in a bow bracelet instead to keep the look more mature.  An additional black bracelet ties in with the gray t-shirt and keeps the outfit from being total glam.
What do you think?  Could you see a cheerleader wearing this to school?

More reviews to come--stay tuned!

Jeans--J Brand
T-shirt--NBC Store
Shoes--Kate Spade
Bow Bracelet--Etsy
Black Bracelet--Bloomingdales 

*I'm not associated with any companies/products mentioned. 

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