Thursday, June 5, 2014

Master Bedroom Wall Design Reveal

Hey, readers and fashionistas!

So obviously I love playing around with fashion, but you can probably tell through a few of my posts that I also love adding style to my home.  I love adding unique statement pieces to our house, and it's pretty typical to hear "wow, that's really cool!" when people visit our home.  Ok, that was a little braggy...sorry.

But speaking of bragging, I am SUPER proud of our most recent project in our house--our master bedroom accent wall.  I've been wanting to focus on our bedroom for awhile (Nate Berkus was right--it's the room in the house that is always put last), so for Mother's Day Luke agreed to let us add a faux wallpaper look to our wall.

Now I can't take the credit for the design--it is totally stolen from my girl Mandi from Vintage Revivals.  I pretty much loving anything Mandi does and I fell in LOVE with this design as soon as I saw it.  To see Mandi's final product of her faux wallpaper, click here.

So I should mention--this is a sharpie wallpaper tutorial.  Yep, sharpie!  Mandi raved about drawing a design on her wall with a water-based sharpie paint pen.  You can use oil-based, but if you make a mistake you'll have to paint over it.

So we started drawing on the design just as Mandi suggested.  We measured out lines, shook our pen, and got to work.  Here's Luke getting started:

We taped horizontal lines and then drew on top.

The only problem--we didn't like how it looked.  It just looked weak.  You had to really shake the pens multiple times, and since we were drawing with a white pen on a gray background, we really needed the pen to be vibrant.

So since I'm married to a on-the-side-professional-painter, I knew Luke was going to be super picky.  And he was.  Which meant we had to tape and actually paint with a brush our lines.

Like this:

Yeah, we painted in between those tape strips.

This totally defeats the purpose of Mandi's original tutorial and the ease of using a paint pen.  But we'd rather it look good than be easy.  And so we measured...and taped...and painted...and repeated over and over and over.

We first painted our horizontal lines, which are 18 inches apart.  Make sure you use a level!

Then we drew triangles, which eventually connected to become diamonds.  The base of each triangle is 12 inches, so they were taller rather than wider.  I totally stole Mandi's measurements, so check out her tutorial to see all the directions of measuring it out.

And here's the final product!  Yeah, there's a glare on the wall--I'm a horrible photographer.  But forget the photo quality--what do you think of the wall?!  It's like a piece of art, right?!

I LOVE the result of this project--it adds so much character of the room.  I'm thinking of adding some open frames above the bed, but I haven't settled on that yet.

What do you think?!

What kinds of home projects have you been doing lately?

Go show Mandi some love at Vintage Revivals, and leave a comment below telling me what you think!

*I'm going to take a very short hiatus while my family is on vacation next week in South Carolina.  I'd like to be a diligent blogger and take my laptop along with me, but I'll be honest--I need a no-commitment vacay!  But I'll be documenting outfits of the day and will have MUCH to share when I get back!


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