Thursday, March 6, 2014

OOTD--Mom's Night Out!

Hi, readers and fashionistas!  This post was supposed to go up on Tuesday, but this has been a very unexpected week.  Some unforeseen issues at work and home have left me emotional and exhausted, so I'm just now getting to posting.  Sorry!

Today's post is a fun one--an outfit of the day!  
Last week I blogged a review of Candace Cameron Bure's new book, Balancing It All.  In it she discusses the value of having "girl time" as a woman.  After that review, I designed a "how to look like you have it together" outfit along with a movie review of Moms' Night Out, coming Mother's Day weekend 2014.  So if it all wasn't flowing together so perfectly already, I then went out for my own Mom's Night Out with some girlfriends so we could talk parenting, marriage, and just life.  So here's the outfit that I wore that night:

I also wore this outfit for a video I'm making for my YouTube channel, hence the library background.

This outfit is feminine yet edgy, pairing soft and hard prints and fabrics.
  • The floral blouse is from Von Maur and gives the outfit a soft look.  And I needed a print to remind me that Spring is coming!
  • I paired the blouse with a faux leather jacket from JC Penney...this is obviously the "harder" part of the outfit and makes the outfit less predictable.
  • Skinny jeans from American Eagle (I can still fit into American Eagle!) are just a staple in my wardrobe.
  • Watermelon-colored flats from DSW (the box literally said watermelon) add some of the color from the blouse and were a little more fitting for the slippery parking lots I'd be walking in.
  • Delicate jewelry--black jeweled hoop earrings and some monogram necklaces from Linx & More--keep it sweet

So what do you think?

Last week I blogged that blouses, blazers, and heels make a great outfit, and I just tweaked that a little for this outfit.

What are your staple fashion items?

Tomorrow I'll be back with Diamond's outfit from the book Panic.  Hope to see you then!

*I am not associated with any companies or products mentioned.

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