Friday, October 24, 2014

Little Boys in Plaid

Hey, fashionistas!  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE fall clothes!  The plaids, deep colors, boots...ahhh!  And this year I have been smitten with how cute my boys look in their fall wardrobes. 

We picked up some new items this year at Target, because let me tell you, my boys know how to wear out their clothes.  And this year's Target selection is full of jaw-dropping cuteness.  Let me show you a few of my favorites:

 Here's my oldest boy, and oh my goodness I LOVE this outfit!  It will probably be his Thanksgiving day outfit.  The plaid with the deep khaki pants...ahhh!  And can you catch the elbow pads?!
The boots are great, too...much cuter than his typical character tennis shoes!

A close-up of that cute cute boy.

A weak photo of his younger brother, but this is the only shot I could get of the active boy.  Look at that green plaid!  And a front pocket, too!

At the local hardware store--check out the little guy's letter jacket!  And his name begins with C, so it couldn't be more perfect.  When he outgrows this jacket, we're keeping it!  You can peek the cute maroon shirt that big guy is wearing, too.

So how are you or your kids dressing for fall?

*I have no affiliation with Target (I wish!) and paid for this all with my own money.

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